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history makes us rich...

Our Story

117 Norfolk Street : Traditional News Agent Specialist Tobacconist and Off Licence

For over 20 years 117 Norfolk Street served as news agent, specialist tobacconist and off licence shop, serving the Kings Lynn town and environs. 


Walkers News 3
117 Norfolk Street in 2004

New Owners

In December 2017, the shop was bought by Azim Hosein and his wife, Veena, who moved to the UK in July from Trinidad and Tobago.


1. Consolidate

I shall be looking to consolidate the business, ensure the staff are happy

2. Explore

Explore our commodities and supply chains

3. Broaden

To look at broadening the business in the future.

Shop History

Norfolk Street, from Broad Street in the west to Littleport Bridge in the east, is one of a number of urban streets in England which is known to have been built up in a very similar manner as today from at least the 13th Century.The architecture of the shops which line it now is predominantly late 18th and 19th Century, with a number of post-war infill developments often amalgamating one or more of the original plots, but the pattern of plots is readily identifiable. Moreover, the nature of the buildings has remained consistent over the centuries, displaying only an expansion in the number of commercial properties over domestic ones, a development which accelerated after the mid 19th Century

The early 18th Century Nos. 117 & 118, on the north side west of Albert Street, is possibly one of the last timber-framed houses built in Lynn, disguised by a typical early 19th Century brown brick façade.


Shop Owners

Current owners Azim and Veena Hosein. Shop retain the same name as the previous owner.

Graham Walker : Shop change name to Walkers News : Specialist News Agent and Tobacconist 

Prior to 1996 A&J Croxall were the previous owners of the newsagent and Tobacconist retail store. Prior to this in the early 1900s was believed to be a clothing or jewellery store which caught fire in 1922 where sadly Mrs. Amelia Barber tragically lost her life.


117 Norfolk Street in the 60s
A&J Croxall Sole Trader Logo
1922 Fire on 117 Norfolk Street
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Our Company In Numbers

Here at Walkers News, we’ve been providing our customers with the finest cigarettes, tobacco, cigars, pipes, lighters and smoking accessories since 1980s as well as News Delivery  experience trading in electronic smoking products.

All our staff are highly trained to offer a specialist and friendly service. If you need expert advice or are looking for a rare brand or product – just ask! We’ll always do our best to help and seek out the finest tobacco blends and smoking products on your behalf.


Years in business
7 +
Top professionals
Authentic Products
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Products and Services
90 +
Returning customers
40 +
Delivery Rounds around Kings Lynn
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